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Abbey Parks farm covers 530 acres. The soil is grade 1 Lincolnshire fen silt reclaimed from the sea hundreds of years ago providing a richly fertile environment for vegetables and cereals. Up to 15ft deep in places, well drained yet moisture retentive, it is ideal for growing the asparagus for which Abbey Parks is best known.

The asparagus is only a small part of the farm, taking up only 15 acres. Three quarters of the acreage is given over to wheat production for the biscuit industry and animal feed. Other crops include potatoes, rape, vining peas, onions and sugar beat, as well as a range of speciality herbs such as rosemary, chives, parsley, coriander, dill, fennel, thyme and tarragon and every day varieties such as mint and nettles.

Abbey Parks sugar beet is contracted to British Sugar and the wheat is bought by grain merchants for the grain market. Part of the Fen Pea group, Abbey Parks vining peas are grown for the frozen food market and are likely to turn up in places like Iceland or as supermarket's own branded frozen peas.

A small part of the land is let for the growing of Spring Onions and cauliflowers.